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Why doesn't Dividend-Tracker calculate total return?

Because it's irrelevant.

Dividend-Tracker was built to monitor income investments for those in or nearing retirement and for those younger individuals who are sold on income investing or "income investing lite" as their strategy.

Once you select an index date, DT will provide a graphic summary of your total portfolio value and monthly income and compare your current yield to the historic annualized total return with dividends reinvested for the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

The CPQ will tell you if your principle is stable despite the losing stocks you sold.

Monthly income going forward and preservation of portfolio value are the critical parameters.

Calculating total return is just vanity!

As you can see. My current yield beats the DJIA annualized total return with dividends reinvested. My CPQ shows that my total portfolio value is down. I was over-invested in mall REITS and energy prior to the COVID pandemic, so my portfolio needs to grow by 21% in order to return to my prior status


However, my monthly income is only down modestly. I'm not yet living off my investment income, so I have time to recover. I will invest more conservatively in full retirement.

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